Chrissi Island

Anyone who is in the prefecture of Lasithi, cannot miss the famous Gaidouronisi or otherwise the island of Chrissi. It is an uninhabited, beautiful small exotic island with paradise beaches in the Libyan Sea, an hour's boat ride from Ierapetra city, protected by Natura 2000, as an "area of intense natural beauty" and hosts the largest naturally formed Lebanese cedar forest in Europe.

The waters of Chrissi are crystal clear and crystal clear. Its beaches are white and blond sand, while they are pink coloured by shells that scattered in many places. Their waters are crystal clear and turquoise. So, yes, it's an earthly paradise.

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is an international cosmopolitan seaside resort that attracts thousands of visitors each year.Many myths surround the lake, the jewel of the city, dominating its center with its imposing beauty. Some myths suggest that it is bottomless or linked to the Santorini volcano through an underground passage.

The Archaeological Museum presents findings from all over eastern Crete and in the Folklore Museum you will find weaving, handicrafts and a model of an old traditional Cretan house. Old photos, paintings and costumes ... bring you back in time.


Ierapetra is a large and modern town where you will find everything for your holiday from a variety of dining and entertainment options to untold beaches and attractions. You can visit the “Kales” fortress, which is still preserved and is open to the public..

Visit the Ierapetra Mosque and Minaret from the late 19th century. Above the entrance is the marble slab with an extract from the Koran, and finally. Archaeological Museum of Ierapetra, housed in “Mehtepi”, the old Ottoman School built in 1899.

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